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Project List

NoProject TitleClientContract Sum (RM)Duration
1Hot Air Burner (2018)Cargill Palm Products Sdn.Bhd.1,026, 928.003.0 months
2Natural Gas Infrastructure Conversion (2018)Pure Circle Sdn.Bhd.730,500.003.0 months
3To conduct insulation (2018)Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad386, 900.002.0 months
448M3/ hr Thermal Deaerator (2018)Evyap Sabun Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.340,000.001.3 months
5Upgrade Burner Control System (2018)IOI Pan-Century Oleochemicals Sdn. Bhd119 500.002.0 months
6Change New Burner (2018)Venator Asia Sdn.Bhd.185,500.002.5 months
7PMT 91358 Processing Vessel Body Repair Work (2019)Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad150,000.002.0 months
8New S/S Platform C/W Staircase (2018)Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad146,280.001.5 months
9Install New Burner (2019)Mackenzie Industries Sdn. Bhd.117,932.002.0 months
10New Boiler Control Panel (2018)Sime Darby Kempas Sdn.Bhd.117,650.002.0 months
11Supply TOH Coils & Front Cover (2018)San Miguel Yamamura Packaging168, 010.001.5 months
12Fabricate New Control Panel To Fabricate New Control Panel For One Unit Steam Boiler (2018)Bremfield Sdn. Bhd123,692.461.5 months
13Mobrey Modulating Valve Boiler No 1 (2019)Star Feedmills (M) Sdn Bhd20,000.003 weeks
14To Supply Labour, Tools and transportation to carry out combustion tuning medium pressure steam boiler (2019)Sime Darby Plantation Berhad9,200.001 week
15Servicing Condenser ERF L#1 (2019)Pure Circle Sdn Bhd40,500.002 week
16Supply Manpower, Tools And Consumables at SD Chamber, Cyclone, Bag Filter And Fluid Bed Dryer (2019)Pure Circle Sdn Bhd14,800.002 week
17Modify and Reroute Condensate Pipe At Technical Area Line 1 (2019)Pure Circle Sdn Bhd37,500.003 weeks
18Replacement Of Chimney Ducting-Plate 6.0 (2019 )Linatex Rubber Sdn Bhd12,800.001 week
19To Provide Labour, Tools And Transportation To Carry Out Overhaul Of Boiler No1 (2019 )Kerry Ingredients (M) Sdn Bhd12,765.001 week
20To Supply & Install Air Diverter Plate And Replace Spiral Agitator For Boiler No1 ( 2019 )Pure Circle Sdn Bhd33,560.002 weeks
21Auto Flame Mini8 Evolution Module MMM8002 (2019)PT Global Energi Sumatera25,560.003 weeks
22To Modify Tank C And Piping Job (2019)Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad20,800.001 week
23To Conduct Boiler Overhaul For Jkkp Inspection For 2019KL-Kepong Oleomas Sdn Bhd24,000.002 weeks
24Steam Piping From Existing Steam Pipe To New Plant- 50meter(2019)H & R Wax Malaysia Sdn Bhd16,800.002 weeks
25Supply Manpower, Tools, equipment, material And Transportation To Replace Existing deaerator System Mechmar 2 at (2019)Felda Iffco Sdn Bhd110,000.003 weeks
26Fire Fighting Tank ( Beta Tank) 6” Float Valve With S/S 304 10K Flange End Including InsulationDutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad12,300.001 week
27Boiler House Dearator Control System To Supply Labour, Tools Consumables, Materials and EquipmentBremfield Sdn Bhd41,800.001 week
28Labour Charges Transport Changes at Kustiya to Dhaka (2019)Euratec Engineering Sdn Bhd14,356.112 weeks
29Lacour Charges For Servicing Boiler at Puma Energy Myamar ( 2019 )Euratec Engineering Sdn Bhd8,113.032 weeks
30To Suply Labour, Tools To Commissiong One Unit Bio Gas Burner at Bangkok ( 2019 )Euratec Engineering Sdn Bhd6,000.002 week
31To Supply Site Supervior During Burner Installation at Venator ( 2019 )Euratec Engineering Sdn Bhd11,700.001 week
32To Supply Commissioning Engineering For Commissioning One Unit Of Saacke Burner at VenatorEuratec Engineering Sdn Bhd14,300.002 weeks
33Feed Water Pump Starter Type: SD Auto/Manual Selctor Switch And Run/TripMackenzie Industries Sdn Bhd31,200.002 week